We live to create custom designs precisely for your space. Send us an inquiry and we will contact you to discuss the design and elements of customization. Depending on your selections, this usually yields an exclusive one-of-a-kind statement piece for your space. All projects include design, materials, fabrication, and delivery.

For lights, custom design options include:

TYPE OF LIGHT – chandelier, sconce, or single pendant
BASE TYPE OF WOOD – premium cedar is standard; other woods available (alder, walnut, teak, oak, birch, maple, hickory, cherry, select pine)

BASE SHAPE AND DESIGN – round, square, rectangle, or other
BASE COLOR – slate stain is standard; other stains or paint colors available, or visit a design house and make an exact selection
BASE FINISH – detail: smooth or distressed; finish: gloss, satin, or flat; other: add metal embellishments as desired
CORD COLOR – black, gray, white, gold, or gray, or a combination
CORD LENGTH – decide how far lights should hang from the ceiling; vary pendant lengths or maintain a single length
SOCKET HARDWARE – choose from several socket colors
BULB TYPE AND SIZE – choose from several bulb types and sizes
BULB CONFIGURATION and NUMBER OF BULBS – choose the number of bulbs and their configuration
PENDANT CAGES – for single caged pendants, choose a cage type and canopy color

For mirrors, custom design options include:

FRAME MATERIAL – cedar, alder, oak, teak, select pine, or other species
FRAME COLOR – choose a general stain or paint color or visit a design house and make an exact selection
FRAME SIZE – choose a slim width or something thick (1″ min width – 6″ max width)
FRAME FINISH – smooth or distressed; gloss or satin
OTHER – add stainless embellishments as desired

For clocks, custom design options include:

CLOCK SIZE – 24″ diameter minimum – 46″ diameter maximum
BASE MATERIAL – cedar is standard; other species available (alder, oak, teak, select pine, etc)
BASE SHAPE – round, square, rectangle
BASE FINISH – smooth or distressed; satin or gloss
BASE COLOR – paint or stain
CLOCK HANDS COLOR – stainless is standard; chrome polished or black is available
CLOCK DIGITS – numbers, dashes, circles, combination

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